The White Nile Foundation strives to promote democracy in a pluralistic society free of tribalism and discrimination of any kind.

Greetings from Dr. Costello Garang Ring Lual

Portrait Chairman Costello

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear friends of the People of South-Sudan.

As the chairman of the White Nile Foundation (WNF), it is my great pleasure to introduce to you this foundation, established in 2015 and to introduce you to its aims. Whilst it was set up in cooperation with the New Sudan Foundation, the WNF follows different approaches and is totally autonomous in doing so.

We expect a multitude of huge challenges on the path to a new and better future for our country. The White Nile Foundation desires to make its contribution in reducing the obstacles to a peaceful and happy Southern Sudanese society. Whilst the New Sudan Foundation, unlike the WNF,  deals with infrastructural and economic questions, the WNF deals with developments in the social and care sector, and supports environmental protection and health-care… read more

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Jonglei State

“It can take up to four weeks to travel the 200km from Juba to Bor due to road conditions.” “Hiring a truck to carry goods to Jonglei can cost close to 10,000 South Sudanese pounds.” “In Bor the retail price of a bottle of beer is... read more